Normal & Combination Skin


Extra-Comfort Cleansing Gel

Step 1: Cleanse to achieve pure, matt skin and prepare the skin for the following steps.

This refreshing gel deeply cleanses without drying the skin. Containing Gypsophila and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it prevents moisture loss, whist removing impurities from the skin.



Refiner Essence Normal / Combination Exfoliating Fluid

Step 2: Renew to eliminate dead cells from the skin.

This purifying toner contains contains AHA’s and salicylic acid to tone the skin and keeps the pores clean by gently removing dead skin cells



No Stress Hydrating Cream

Step 3: Hydrate to restore the skin’s healthy appearance and protect against external aggression.

This moisturiser will immediately hydrate, illuminate and comfort normal / combination skin. It also helps to balance the impact that emotions can have on skin. The skin recovers natural comfort, luminosity and firmness. It’s innovative hydrating ingredient regulates the skin’s natural balance whilst reducing oiliness