IPL Hair Removal Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light for advanced beauty applications

Latest-generation Intense Pulsed Light that includes all the latest technological advances for a precise and safe control of the light.
The utmost professionalism in photorejuvenation and photoepilation treatments for optimum results.

Internal heat that facilitate collagen and elastin regeneration and cells proliferation, firmness, contribution of oxygen to improve skin tone

  • • Pore Cleanliness
  • • Pore Shrinkage
  • • Pore Smoothing
  • • Pore Closing

How does Belvet IPL work?

Belvet IPL Premium is a variable Intense Pulsed Light emission system that controls thermal energy for aesthetic purposes in photoepilation and photorejuvenation.
With Belvet we use the power of light in an intelligent and selective way, adapting to all skin phototypes, hair density, colour and thickness without losing its effectiveness.